Paid Advertisements For Targeted Traffic

Paid Advertising For Targeted Traffic – Step 4

Paid advertising, in short known as PPC (Pay Per Click), refers to the use of ad networks such as Facebook Ads, Bing Ads or AdWords in order to promote your website or product with laser targeted traffic. How this work is that you agree to pay any of these services a certain amount of money (ranging from a few cents to a few dollars) each time someone clicks on your advertisement. This amount of money it known as CPC (Cost Per Click). This way you can avoid spending money on other campaigns that are unsuccessful.

However, one thing to note before you start on your PPC is to think about how you are going to convert the traffic you gain from PPC into profit. You would also need to think about how you can get the right people to click on your ads.

There are a few tricks to making a successful and most importantly a profitable PPC campaign, so here we will look at what those are now.

The Goal Of PPC Marketing

The Goal of PPC Marketing

The most important thing to bear in mind when you are running a PPC campaign is this; a PPC campaign that gets the most clicks is not necessarily the most successful one. When that happens, it means that you’re actually spending the most amount of money.

You want people to click on your ads only if they’re likely to earn you money once they come to your site – if they’re likely to be returning visitors for instance who will click on your ads, or if they are likely to buy the products that you are selling.

One of the best ways to make use of your PPC campaign is to link straight to a landing page where you are selling a product. But many online marketers would disagree with that. It really depends on many factors, like the sales copy and how convincing it was written. If the copy is badly written and you have no way of changing it, then you might want to send the traffic from your ads to a pre-sell page or an optin page where you can capture the email addresses of your traffic, so that you can email them to remarket to them through your own email marketing campaigns.

Let us now look at the odds if you intend to send them directly to the sales page. If you can get the product to sell for say $20 a shot, then you can afford to pay $1 per click as long as you sell to at least 1/10 of your visitors (this is called a conversion rate). Say you send 100 people and only 1/10 of them bought, you would have made $200 (commission) – $100 (cost of traffic) = $100 (profit). This way you are still making a profit. That is a simple illustration of how to see if you are making any profit.a

PPC ads are shown based on a split-second bidding system. That means that the more you opt to pay per “per click” (you get to set this amount), the more your ad will be shown in the relevant spots. By increasing the conversion rate on your website and by improving the ads, you can spend more money and get your ads seen by more people – scaling up your profits.

In order to work with this then you need to focus much more on the CTR (Click Through Rate) on your page and the quality of the traffic that the PPC ad is bringing you. If you are trying to trick people into clicking your advert and they are then only spending a minute on your page and then leaving your page, then you’re just wasting your money.

Likewise, if your page isn’t doing a good enough job of convincing people to buy, then again you are actually throwing money away into the drain.


Designing Your Ad Accordingly

As such you should be aiming to create an advert that will attract the attention you want it to from the right people, and only if they are likely to make a purchase.

In other words, then you can consider including the price in your advert, the reason being that this will then allow you to drive away people who aren’t willing to spend that kind of money – which is just fine because you don’t want to pay for them to come to your site.

What is important still though is that your advert catches the eye so that the people you want to see it do, and the important thing to bear in mind for this is that your ad and your sales page MUST look professional if you hope to make sales. Be professional, be honest and be up front and then as long as you focus on the CTR of your landing page you can very reliably generate money this way.

Targeting PPC Campaigns


Whether you choose to use Facebook Ads, Bing Ads or Google AdWords, one of the most important considerations for an effective campaign is targeting. In other words, are your ads reaching the right people – the people who are likely to buy from you.

Again, this increases the conversion of your traffic, meaning that you can spend more money, meaning that you increase your profits.

AdWords shows adverts on Google’s search engine and other content sites which have Google AdSense in them. It is based on what people search for. You will pick the search terms you want to target, and when someone looks for that phrase, your ad will appear at the top as a “sponsored result.”

Bing Ads is similar to Google Adwords. It is Microsoft’s version of Google AdWords. In the same way that Google AdWords allows you to run ads on the Google search network and Google’s partner networks, Bing Ads allows you to run ads on both the Bing search network and its partner networks (Yahoo and AOL—yes, people still use these).

Facebook Ads shows ads on a user’s Facebook home feeds, based on their interests, demographics, among other factors. You can this way choose to show your fitness book only to people who have listed “working out” as an interest (and maybe also those who might have listed their weight as being a little on the heavier side).

Which of these options is better for you? That would depend on the nature of your monetization (which we’ll talk more about in a moment).

Keep in mind though, that while Facebook lets you target an audience based on a greater amount of information, Bing and Google lets you target people based on their intent. In other words, if someone searches for “buy fitness ebook,” then that tells you that they are actually looking to buy an ebook. Thus they might be easier to convert.

If you are trying to make your money from ads though (and again, we’ll discuss this option shortly), you might not be able to funnel as much money into your business plan.


Traffic is the life blood of any business, be it any brick and mortar business. Master the skills of getting the right traffic would ensure that profits will come in continuously for your business. Paid advertising for targeted traffic is one of the fastest way yo get traffic to your website. In the next step in this 7 steps series, we will be looking at social media and integrating them to grow your business.

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