10 Celebrities with Great Shopify Stores

From Grammy Award-winning artists, to web-based media influencers, to unscripted TV drama stars, big names have a major presence in the online retail space. Specifically, a considerable lot of them are utilizing Shopify as their web-based business foundation of decision.

Shopify is an extraordinary financially savvy across the board stage that makes setting up and working an online store truly simple. Driving more than 500,000 organizations in 175 nations, Shopify is a go-to decision for new companies and little to-medium organizations for their online business activities.

This web-based business stage has quickly become a top pick for organizations, all things considered, however. Particularly with the appearance of Shopify Plus, enormous brands are hopping on the Shopify train also. Regardless of whether it’s to sell merchandise, music, or style, Shopify gives big names a ground-breaking stage that obliges for their high volume business.

We frequently seek superstars for motivation with regards to form, music, and different patterns, however take a few pointers from the incomparable Shopify stores from these 12 big names also.



One of this present decade’s greatest names in music, British vocalist musician Adele has many honors and titles added to her repertoire. You can add Shopify storekeeper to her not insignificant rundown of accomplishment as well. Riding the wave from the accomplishment of her collection 25, Adele uses Shopify Plus to sell her merchandise.

Adele’s Shopify store configuration is very moderate, utilizing some photographs of her on the landing page, and a straightforward white and dim shading plan for the store page. This, in any case, unmistakably her raid into web based business has been effective, with the majority of the items on her store being sold out.

2-Dan and Phil

dan phil

YouTubers Dan Howell and Phil Lester have all in all amassed over 16.8 million endorsers over their YouTube channels and developed a gigantic fan base named the ‘Phantom’. Their prevalence has prompted the making of a wide assortment of merchandise, for example, attire, adornments, banners, books, games, etc.

Their store is additionally very basic, with a direct plan that permits clients to effectively explore through their scope of items. They additionally have an email assortment spring up and incorporate an email assortment structure at the lower part of their site, helping them to develop their email list.



In 2011, Canadian rapper Drake made his own style line OVO Clothing related to his OVO Sound music name. Notwithstanding various blocks and-mortar stores, Drake has picked Shopify Plus as the internet business store for OVO Clothing.

For any individual who isn’t Drake, I would suggest a marginally greater text dimension and a bolder book tone with the goal that clients don’t experience difficulty exploring through your store or perusing item data.

4-Jeffree Star

jeffree star

Web-based media character Jeffree Star’s magnificence and make-up channel is one of the greatest on YouTube, with over 5.5 million endorsers. Normally, the following intelligent advance for Jeffree is to make his own scope of beautifiers and design. Controlled by Shopify Plus, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is one of the internet business stage’s top stores.

While some other internet business stores incorporate a blog with composed posts that furnishes clients with strengthening data that supplements their items, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics store’s media area incorporates Jeffree’s YouTube recordings installed in the store to a similar impact.

5-Justin Bieber

justin bieber

Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour was one of the greatest melodic occasions of 2016 and 2017. To correspond with this visit, Justin set up his Purpose the Stadium Tour online store with Shopify permit fans the occasion to buy merchandise, for example, garments and actual music.

The store likewise incorporates a ‘Lookbook’ segment, which gives clients some motivation to style their merchandise.

My proposal for your store is to ensure customers can see the costs for your items. Justin’s devoted fan base of Beliebers may be eager to address top costs for Purpose Tour merchandise, however it’s presumably a smart thought to be forthright about costs with your clients.

6-Kanye West

kanye west

Indeed, even a “Divine Being” like Kanye West uses Shopify. Even though his store is pretty unfilled right now, Kanye utilizes the online business stage to sell his style. Right now, the store requests that guests enter their email delivers to get data for when new things are delivered.

Coordinating the negligible apparel line, the plan of his store is oversimplified as well, utilizing a monochromatic shading plan. Except if you’ve constructed yourself an individual brand like Kanye has, you’ll presumably need to make your store a touch more open to your clients. As a matter of fact, having items to sell may be a smart thought as well. The deception of selectiveness may work for Kanye, however you most likely won’t have any desire to pay for a Shopify plan on the off chance that you don’t have anything to sell.

7-Kendall and Kylie Jenner

kendall kylie

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are two of the greatest excellence and style influencers on the planet. The sisters have united and made their Kendall + Kylie online style store, where their huge number of fans can buy from their assortment of garments, shoes, and adornments.

Taking their web-based business store to the following level with Shopify Plus, the Kendall + Kylie store is visual and simple to explore and feels simply like some other online design store.

Kylie likewise utilizes Shopify Plus to run her enormously well known Kylie Cosmetics store. Known for selling out her new lip units within minutes after delivery, Shopify Plus is the ideal pick for the youthful business person, as the stage can adapt to gigantic spikes in rush hour gridlock.

8-Lady Gaga

lady gaga 2

With quite a dependable and committed being a fan, it bodes well for Lady Gaga to dispatch her own online merchandise store with Shopify. The shading plan of the store coordinates the cover craft of her collection Joanne, promptly setting up the vocalist’s image on the site.

To help develop her email rundown of Little Monsters, the store has an email assortment spring up that is set off close to drawing in with the store.



Albeit pop pair LMFAO have been on an inconclusive rest since 2012, their Party Rock Clothing internet business store is still ready for action on Shopify.

RedFoo and SkyBlu figure out how to build up their flighty image through their special scope of items, coordinating the boisterous and beautiful ensembles we see the uncle-nephew pair wear in front of an audience and their music recordings.

The site is exceptionally intuitive, permitting customers to review items in various tones by basically drifting their mouse of the item picture.

10-Logan Paul

logan paul

Plant star turned YouTuber Logan Paul is one of the greatest Internet-famous people right now. After Vine was ended, he immediately grew a group of people of more than 17 million YouTube supporters.

As a kind of perspective to his pet parrot and expression “Be a Maverick”, Logan’s line of Maverick merchandise is accessible for his fans to buy through his Shopify store.

Like a large portion of the other online business stores so far on this rundown, Logan’s store is outwardly, intuitive and simple to explore. Specifically, individuals from the ‘Logang’ can add things to their list of things to get, helping them to handily return and see their #1 items.



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