Make $100 A Day Fast With Zero Cost (Part 1)

How To Make $100 a Day Fast With Zero Cost (Part 1)

How To Make $100 a Day Fast With Zero Cost (Part 1 of 7 Series)


Learn How To Make $100 A Day Fast With No Cost – Part 1 of 7 Series.

What will I do if I lost everything, I mean everything….

No money, no websites, no email lists, no products to sell, no audience…. Nothing.

If I woke up tomorrow with nothing, this is what I would do.

Welcome to Money Gravity, this video is the first lesson of a series of seven lessons. In lesson 1, I’m going to cover the basics so you understand how you can start making money using affiliate marketing with zero cost, but before we continue, be sure to hit the subscribe button and also the notification bell to be notified every time we upload a brand new video to help you grow your business with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you get paid for referrals. With affiliate marketing, you’re basically like a commission sales rep.

You use a unique link to send people to affiliate offers and if the traffic you sent purchases a product, or complete an action, for example, like putting in their name and email, you could be paid a commission.

Percentage of a sale or an action, could range anywhere from 2 percent to 100 percent. Usually digital information products have a higher commission rate, typically ranging from 50 to 80 percent.

You could also be paid as a CPA where you would get paid maybe a dollar for every person who submits their email or two dollars for them completing a certain action like downloading an app. Sometimes, you can get paid a percentage if they purchase a product. Most major retailers have an affiliate program. for example is a very big retailer.

Before you decide what to promote, you’d have to choose your niche market. Your goal is to find a profitable niche market. It should be something that can help people feel better or make their life easier or maybe hep them make some money.

If you can help people solve a pain or a problem, then you’re in a winning niche market.

It would be great to find affiliate programs that help people improve their lives, for example, improve their relationships, get rid of back pain, make an income online so that they can spend some time with family.

I’ve prepared here a list of evergreen niche report for you. You can download them from this link and I’ll put in the description below this video as well.

Weight loss, fitness & dieting, making money online, working from home, internet marketing, blogging. These are all very profitable lucrative niche markets. Improving a marriage, dating advice, these are the kind of niche markets that do very very well for information products.

You can also use Google or Yahoo search engines so you could do a search for a certain topic and if you constantly see advertisements in your searches, you know you might have a winner because advertisers are not going to keep paying if it’s not lucrative or profitable for them. The same thing with Facebook.

Paid Ads In Profitable Niches

Here are some screenshots where ads are found in these platforms. You should try to recognize which websites are running ads over the course of 3 or 4 days at least because if it’s not performing, they’re not going to pay for advertising.

You do not need to be an expert when you choose your niche market and you do not necessarily need to be passionate about that niche as long as it lines up with your ethics and you feel comfortable promoting them, then I think that’s a good potential niche market for you.

If you happen to be very passionate about the niche you’ve chosen and its profitable, then that’s even better but it’s not a requirement.

I would recommend the use of Clickbank marketplace. Again, I’ll leave the links to affiliate marketplaces below and you can apply for them and find ideas for digital products that you can promote.

Now it’s time for you to get out there and do some research.

In the next few videos, I’ll show you how to select a winning product, set up your website and promote your offer without spending a dime.

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Get Started On Your Internet Marketing Business And Make $100 A Day Fast Beginning Today.

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