Google Adsense Pin Request

How to Request a New Address Verification Pin for AdSense

Have you waited 2-4 weeks and yet, still haven’t received your AdSense PIN. Or it could be your PIN got lost on the way. I’ve come across publishers who at a point they once experienced this kind of issue.

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Whenever they login, they see at the top of their “AdSense” homepage, a short message that says: “Your payments are currently on hold because you have not verified your address”, does that statement sound familiar to you, if yes, you can always request for a new Personal Identification Number (pin) from AdSense.

It’s  that simple! And easy too!

To request a new PIN, follow the highlighted steps below:


Log into your AdSense account


Hit the gear icon and select Settings.


In the sidebar, hit “Account information”.


Hit the Verify address link.


At the bottom of the page, Hit Request new PIN.


That’s all!

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